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Opening A Binance Account+ Walk-Through

Understanding 'Spot' Trading

Understanding 'Leverage' (Futures) Trading

Indicators & Charts Set-Up


Finding Confluence & Entering Trades

Method: Momentum


1. Select the right chart, according to the 800 EMA (BTC - Above 800 EMA / BTC Below 800 EMA)

2. RSI + MacD must cross at the same time

3. Your candle must touch and cross the 50 EMA at the same time as you get your MacD and RSI crossing

4. Stop-Loss: Previous swing

4. Take-Profits: 2X

P.S. If you are using leverage and working in the 1 minute time-frame, set it to 20X / 25% of your capital

Alternate Method That Gets You More Trade Entries...

Method: The alternative method


1. RSI and candle must cross AT THE SAME TIME

2. Stop-Loss: Previous swing

3. Take-Profits: 2X

Please note: This alternate method is riskier as you will get some losses along the way, even when you read your chart correctly. It has more trade entries than the original method, but comes with a higher risk...

Me personally, I prefer being patient and win 90% of my trades, so I stick to the original method... not this alternate one...

Practice Makes Better

P.S. When you work in the lower time-frames, you get many trade entries in a day...

But if you loose 2 trades in a row while you are in your trading session, take a break, and come back later... because it means you either:

- Got tired and started taking silly decisions

- Entered trades with your emotions instead of reading the chart

- Didn't read your chart correctly (800 EMA, 50 EMA, MacD, RSI or the right timing on the crossings)

- Or the market is starting to go in a 'Range' (Going side-ways)

- Or you got stopped by a temporary pull-back

- Or you got stopped because a trend reversal is about happen

Either way, take a break when you lose 2 trades in a row... Let the trend change or stabilize itself...

In conclusion:

Always remember that trading is not a 'get rich quick scheme' and you need to do it little by little...

- Don't try to get in 10 trades in 1 day 'just because you can' if you know what I mean...

- Always trade 'Bitcoin' as a beginner, not the other coins... They are too volatile...

- Never trade with your emotions or you will lose money if you do... Go with what the chart tells you instead...

- Do not trade on week-ends. Things have a tendency to go side-ways during this time as the markets are closed...

- The best days to trade most of the times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays...

- Over-all, if you don't make mistakes (or get emotional), you will get more wins V.S. losses...

This is how you can grow your trading account: Slowly, but surely!

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