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Michel Sirois, Traffic Seller Since 2014

In case you did not know, I've been selling traffic since 2014!

For many years, I've been helping marketers get sales online, even helped some of them become millionaires along the way...

So if you are looking for high quality traffic, you can be sure I can deliver!

But there's something you need to know: Many marketers can sell you traffic, but most of it is junk...

Don't Let Traffic Bots Eat Away Your Profits!

If there is one thing that is a PROFIT KILLER is FAKE TRAFFIC and believe me when I tell you that 99.99% of traffic sellers out-there are sending you 50% BOT TRAFFIC without even knowing it themselves!

How and why does it happen? These marketers only collect people's emails and don't require users to do multiple tasks from their lead capturing pages... because it reduces their opt-in rates... And all these traffic sellers then buy these clicks from one another, making it really shitty traffic down the pipeline!

The only way I Can GUARANTEE 100% REAL HUMAN TRAFFIC is to get subscribers to do multiple tasks on my lead capturing page...

Here's How I Eliminate Bots Completely For You:

I use the Warrior Plus check-out process to REINFORCE the ENGAGEMENT of my subscribers. Those who opt-in via Warrior Plus are truly looking for ways to make money online
I force people to add a check-mark in the check-box. This filters bots because no bots add check-marks in check-boxes
I collect the first and last names: Those who provide this information are MORE ENGAGING than those who just ask for their first names. Sadly, not many traffic sellers collect first and last names because it reduces the opt-in rates. But by collecting the first and last names, I increase the buying potential of my leads, giving you a much better traffic quality
By using the Warrior Plus API for capturing leads, I get a ton more INBOXES (As opposed to not using it)
All these leads are targeted for the CRYPTO niche, increasing your chances of making sales from crypto offers

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400 Crypto Clicks

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500 Crypto Clicks

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1,000 Crypto Clicks

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2,500 Crypto Clicks

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5,000 Crypto Clicks

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10,000 Crypto Clicks

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 (From 15,000 Clicks... Up to 200,000 Click Packages Per Month Are Also Available)

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To your success,
Michel Sirois

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and everything explained in my training, products and services are based on my own experiences and beliefs.

Always be sure to do your due-diligence before investing in crypto, just like I did.

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