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Crypto is about to end the year and each year, this is when most action happens and we reach all-time highs. But for your clients to make money from crypto, they need to enter before it peaks, not after...

Now is the time for your clients to get in crypto! Even stock market tycoons and fortune 500 companies are joining the wave...

Heck, even countries like El Salvador are making Bitcoin their legal tender and it's just a matter of time that other countries will follow...

Now the reasons why investors are joining crypto comes down to:
- Global economy going to shits
- Inflation soaring like we never seen for many years
- Gold prices are only up 7% this year, as opposed to Bitcoin who is up 300%...
And this is why it is a good time to promote a training that will show your clients exactly how the rich people get richer by using crypto to make long-term profits during this INFLATION CRISIS!

Inside Crypto Nights,

I will show your clients an EASY BEGINNER FRIENDLY method that can make you big gains, without trading or using leverage at all
I will show your clients how crypto millionaires are made
I will show your clients the #1 profit killer that you can easily avoid (What not to do)
I will show your clients what to completely ignore, to avoid losing money
15-30 Minutes per day only: I will show your clients the safest method to buy/sell crypto and grow profits exponentially
But most importantly, I will show your clients how to make PROFITS without any prior experience

+ The 5 Free Bonuses Below:



I will show you how to set-up your Binance account, the best exchange platform for buying/trading/selling crypto.

How to set-up your account on Binance
How to secure your Binance account properly
How to convert fiat to stable coins through Binance
How to buy crypto on Binance
Optional: Using a hardware key for maximum protection


In today’s global economy, fears of inflation are front and center for many. This fear is driven by massive government stimulus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, many market participants nowadays haven’t experienced truly unhealthy levels of inflation and therefore aren’t prepared to protect themselves against it.

In order to understand where this fear originates from and how one can better protect themselves from unhealthy levels of inflation, it is paramount that market participants and everyday individuals understand the ins-and-outs of inflation.

In this report we break down inflation, elaborate on its causes and effects, discuss how central banks manage it, explain what it means for society, and lend insight into how anyone can protect themselves against it.

25 pages of rock solid educational content
Illustrated with easy-to-understand graphics and charts
This is all you need to know about how inflation works and how you can protect yourself from it




In this guide, I will show you what are the best long-term investments for you to maximize profits as time goes by...

My top 5 coins
What is their utility
What will make them stay around for years to come
16 Pages of useful content that will help you really understand the reason why these coins will be around for a long time as they gain more and more value
And much more


In all the years I've been dabbling in crypto, I learned valuable things that can be transmitted to you as reliable advice...

45 pages of content, illustrated and easy to understand
I will show you the top 50 tips I use daily to be a great investor
This will help you avoid all the newbie mistakes I made myself, and help you make profits instead of losing money
They are little things, that can make a BIG difference




This PLR License Includes everything mentioned below:

Included: 'Done For You' Sales video
Included: 'Done For You' Sales page
Included: 'Done For You' Thank you page
Included: 'Done For You' Graphics designs
Included: 'Done For You' Promotional banners
Included: 'Done For You' promo campaign

See The Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions Below:


Can edit, rename, rebrand & sell the video series
Can be sold as it is not less than $9 price tag
Can be bundled with other paid products
Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
Can be used to create audio/webinar/video products
Can give away for free in exchange of lead
Can be used as content for YOUR own website
Can be added to paid membership sites
Can be offered through auction sites
Can claim full authorship


Can NOT be used as affiliate bonuses to promote other offers
Can NOT sell/give away the sales materials
Can NOT sell resell rights
Can NOT sell master resell rights
Can NOT sell private resell rights
Can NOT add to free membership sites

OTO 1: Crypto Nights Master Resell Pack


50% Commissions

Here's what your clients get by grabbing this special offer:

1. Done For You 'Crypto Nights' PLR & Bonuses Sales Page

Your clients will get the same sales page I use, Plus...

Includes: Rights To Sell Or Giveaway The Crypto Nights PLR Edition from their sales page
Includes: Rights To Sell Or Giveaway The 5 Bonuses from their sales page
Includes: 100% Mobile-Friendly (HTML 5)


2. Done For You 'Crypto Nights PLR 'Download' Page

This download page will allow your clients buyers to access the complete content that is needed for this method to work efficiently!

Includes: Zip files for every moving parts
Includes: Beautiful Design
Includes: 100% Mobile-Friendly (HTML 5)


3. Complete 'Crypto Nights' PLR 'Campaign'

Any good promotional offer comes with a 'Done For You' campaign...

These swipes will promote the 'Crypto Nights Promoter Pack' sales page for your clients on complete automation, by using the PLR and FREE BONUSES sales angle, instead of the crypto angle!

Your clients can can use our 'Done For You' campaign as they see fit:

Can Use These Swipes: As your email follow-ups
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Can Use These Swipes: For video description boxes such as in your Youtube videos
Can Use The Swipes: In your blogs, websites, etc...


4. The 'Crypto Nights'  Master Resell Rights License

Master Resell Rights Terms and Conditions:


Can edit, rename, rebrand
Can be bundled with other paid products
Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
Can give away for free in exchange of leads or for training purposes
Can be added to paid membership sites
Can be offered through auction sites
Can claim full authorship
Can sell the PLR License, all related content, bonuses and promo material as you see fit


OTO 2: Get A Crypto Traffic Package

Traffic Packages Range From: $45 to $3,300

20% Commissions + Recurring

Michel Sirois, Traffic Seller Since 2014

In case you did not know, I've been selling traffic since 2014!

For many years, I've been helping marketers get sales online, even helped a few JV's become millionaires along the way...

So if your clients are looking for high quality traffic, you can be sure I can deliver it to them!

This is going to be useful for your clients if they are using PLR's, MRR's or for those who simply like buying Solo Ads.

OTO 3: 1 On 1 Skype Call

$197 (1 Hour) - $497 (3 Hours) - $697 (5 Hours)

50% Commissions

I will work with your clients from what-ever level of knowledge they are at
I will guide them with the best of my knowledge
I can teach them anything from: How to set-up a Binance account, to find trending coins, to spot trading, to margin day-trading (3X)

WIN $4,200 IN


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Michel Sirois

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and everything explained in my training, products and services are based on my own experiences and beliefs.

Always be sure to do your due-diligence before investing in crypto, just like I did.

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