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If You've Traded Crypto In The Past And Failed, Or If You Are New To Trading, Pay Attention To This...


Let's face it!

For people to gain money by trading, some people need to lose trades!

The money has to go from one hand to the other for someone to benefit...

What someone gains, someone else looses!

- But what you need to know right now is that big investors control the market and they sure like to do what we call 'Fake-Outs'...

- They make you believe the price is headed in a certain direction, just to trick you and grab your money!

 Fake-Outs, No More! 

Nothing sucks more than getting faked-out by the big investors and I get it...

They got me a few times too!

But no more...

Now I know how to avoid them and I will show you how to avoid them as well!

 Let's Not Forget About Shady Youtubers! 

... You know... these Youtuber influencers...

- They have affiliate links in their video description boxes...

- They tell you to go buy through their links...

NEVER FORGET THIS: The more you spend money after clicking their affiliate links, the more money they make because they get paid by commission!

So please don't fall for their videos that tell you that their methods work, because they really don't...

Here's how they get you:

- They show you a method that works with weird/unknown indicators

- They cherry-pick the charts and trade entries to show you that their method works (or they flat-out use a fake simulator that shows them winning 100's of trades, but it's all BS)...

- But what they don't tell you is that you will lose all your trades when you hit a 'Range' market by relying on trend lines and indicators... And believe me, you always hit range markets.

If you are wondering what a 'range market' is, it's simply when things start going side-ways as shown below...

Ranging markets can go side-ways for undetermined periods of time...

Usually it follows an up-trend or a down-trend...

One might say that it's some sort of 'cooling-off' period before the trend keeps going in it's intended direction or completely reverse...

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to avoid range markets, BUT you sure can detect them from the start if you know how!

For beginners, ranging markets... IS THE 'PROFIT KILLER'! ...

You'll end-up winning maybe 1 out of 5 trades if you rely on indicators and trend lines...

Why would you lose this much?

Because big investors understand ranging markets and what newbies will do during that period.

And when a false break-out happens, these big investors grab the newbies money by faking them out...

That's where their traps are 99.99% of the time!

So let me be clear: Using a bunch of indicators that every newbie uses, listening to Youtube influencers, 'Ranging' & 'Fake-outs' are the 4 main reasons that make newbies lose money!

But thanks to my knowledge and expertise, I will be showing you how to avoid 90% of the ranging markets you come across, right off the bat!

I will also show you the 1-trick I know, that makes me win more than 85% of my trades, without having to draw trend lines, or wait for break-outs, or do any technical analysis at all!

With my method, you will think and act like a professional trader,and you will be the one taking the newbies money away from them!

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What Used To Be Possible Just For Big Players Like:

Kevin O'Leary

Elon Musk

Mark Cuban

Is Now Possible For Anyone Who Wants To Make Money From The Comfort Of Their Own Home, Just Like These Billionaires!


 I Will Show You Exactly The 1 Method I Use To Win 85% Of My Crypto Trades! 

That's right!

I only use 1 trading method...

Call me a 1-trick pony, it's okay, I can live with it very well...

One thing I know for sure is that my method TRULY works and the big investors are not aware of it, making it hard for them to steal my money through their predictions!

In other words, I enter trades when the big investors don't expect it, making me win 85% of my trades!

And I will show you how to become a successful trader just like me, without the need of the shiny indicators, without trend-lines, by avoiding range markets, and most importantly, without any technical skills needed...

I'm not even kidding when I say: I could teach this to my 9 year old niece - It's that easy!


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How to avoid 'Ranging' markets
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A 'bear' market simply means when the market is going downwards...

Right now, as I am writing this sales letter, we are July 16th, 2022 and Bitcoin is at the lowest it has been in a very long time as you can see above (20K USD)... and yet, I make crazy profits every day as you can see below...

By this I mean... whether coins go up and down, it doesn't matter, I make money!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can anyone do this?

- Yes. You just need to follow a few guidelines to become a successful crypto trader if you follow my method.

2. Do I need any skills?

- None what-so-ever! I will train you from beginning to end.

3. Do I need to invest large amounts of money to see results?

-  No. You can start very small and scale-up from there.

4. Can I lose money by trading crypto?

- It happens to some people. I can't guarantee you profits as you will be the one trading, not me. But if you follow my method 'to the T', enter and exit trades at the right time, you will do well. If it works for me (which I prove constantly in my group), it can only work for you!

5. How can I get in the 'Momentum' coaching program right now?

- By clicking the button below


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I'll see you on the inside,

Michel Sirois

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